Commissions Gallery

Some commissions are quite straightforward, others may be quite complex or else need a degree of sensitivity.

The above images show some of the more complex requests.

The first is illustrating Gray's Elegy - "The curfew tolls the knell of passing day....." A special request with sentimental reasons behind it.  I knew the poem from old, but took the time to understand the mood  which Thomas Gray was conveying. My plan was to keep the illustration in keeping with the era of the poem.  A very interesting exercise, worked in pastel.

The second, a portrait of Three Alsatians painted in pastel, presented the challenge of assembling a coherent and balanced group from an assortment of photos .  One pup and two mature dogs.  In a situation like this, the more photos I have to select from, the more likely I will be able to get a good group together.

The third is an oil painting of a family farm.  Once again assembled from several photos. Main points were to represent the farmer and his team of dogs in a typical working scene on the farm The painting was to be presented to "Dad" for his 60th birthday.

The Blue Balloon was a commission needing an extra level of understanding.  The following is my clients response:- 

I approached Betty to paint a picture to mark the one year anniversary of our baby boys passing, she took my scribble and translated it perfectly  into a treasured keepsake that will be a special part of our memories for a lifetime, Betty's compassion and understanding made the process very rewarding and the end result was simply perfect, thank you Betty.    Marc B 7/11/13



Beautiful iris painting with rainbow.


     This was another very unique commission where I worked in close

     consultation with my client to understand what she wanted.

     Painted in Oils.  A very enjoyable project.

My usual method involves consultation  with the clients who have requested the painting, getting a clear idea of what they are hoping to have done.  I frequently do a preparatory sketch or more detailed drawing to get the ideas together which I can run past my clients.  Emails are often the way to do this. Then its a case of reproducing a finished painting based on the sketch, and using photos for reference.  I will usually send off a 'progressive' of the work to be sure the client is going to be happy with the finished painting,.and of course I send a finished image. 

This method works just as well within New Zealand or between New Zealand and another country.


I ask the client for a deposit before I start the work, then the remainder plus the cost of courier is paid at the end.  The most usual way to pay these days is by direct credit into a bank account, I acknowlege the amount paid by email.