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Betty Salter,  Commission Artist

Betty_24Feb13-75KB_001.jpgI have been painting since 1991.  My greatest pleasure is in creating paintings that bring enjoyment to others.

I began painting with Pastel, quickly moving onto commissioned portraits in Pastel, Graphite pencil or Charcoal. Later I started using Oils and Acrylic and branched out into Fantasy art, Animal portraits then Landscapes. I have a small preference towards using Pastel.

My inspiration comes from..Nature,  Sunsets and Sunrises,  I love flowers, animals  and frequently use music to set the mood when I am painting.

I like to 'do my own thing' painting whatever urges me at the time, but I also like working with clients to produce artwork for them, specialising in Animal Portraits - Cats, Dogs, Horses  etc.   Sometimes this presents challenges, but thats OK.

                Brief History.

An early memory is from Intermediate school years at Napier, when a teacher introduced us to painting to music and used Stravinsky's 'Rites of Spring' - It really struck home with me.

After leaving school, I first worked at the Hawkes Bay Museum and Art Gallery, then on to Window Dressing and signwriting. Marriage and bringing up a family of four during which time I explored a variety of crafts then in the mid 1980's a full-time Graphic Design Course at Whangarei. (Honours pass.) Principal tutor Douglas Chowns.

After moving to Nelson late 1989 I began Facepainting, which is what led me into portrait drawing. I lived in Mapua for some years but now in central Nelson, Halifax Street East. Visitors are welcome to come visit when in the area.  Please phone 0r text first - 027 7535386.

My work is now in private collections throughout the world with many very happy Commission customers.